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It’s not about large cruise liners, hordes of passengers, common shore excursions, dinner seatings, swimming pools, casinos, or formal nights.


Adventure Cruising is about sailing with a few like-minded adventurers to singular, wild, remote places, as distant as the Arctic North, Antarctica, Papua New Guinea, or the Amazon; or as close as the Sea of Cortez, the St. Lawrence River, the Columbia River on small ships that are specially built for the destinations. 


It’s about actively engaging with nature through activities such as hiking, snorkeling, sea kayaking, Zodiac excursions, and learning with your fellow guests from onboard naturalists, scientists, and guides who are experts in the culture, wildlife, plants, and geology that are unique to those places.   We share your passion for nature, exploration, learning and adventure.  Call us today to set your course for exploration on a small ship.


Adventure Cruising


North America— Baja Mexico


5 Days/4 Nights -  Baja Escape: Exploring the Sea of Cortez  –  Escape to the stark, striking beauty of the Baja Peninsula and explore the rich ecosystem of the Sea of Cortez with Lindblad Expeditions’ naturalists and a renowned undersea specialist aboard National Geographic’s 62 person expedition ship, Sea Bird.   This trip offers unmatched opportunities for fantastic snorkeling, sea kayaking, Zodiac cruises, and desert hiking.  Easy. 

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