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Packing wisely can save you all kinds of unnecessary and unexpected problems. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

 Different adventure trips may require special gearóbe sure to ask an Atlas Representative about special packing instructions for the trips we offer.

 Pack whatever you plan to take then put half of it back. Most people tend to take far more clothing than is really necessary. (If you are an expert packer, ignore this statement.)

 Never bring more than you can carry yourself and remember airlines charge for extra bags.

 Try to pack clothing around the same color scheme so that you can mix and match, and minimize on accessories.

 When traveling with a companion try this idea supplied by one of our site visitors. Pack one of your outfits in your companion's suitcase and have him/her do likewise. Doing this will be invaluable should one person's bag be delayed upon arrival at your destination. (If both are lost, oh well, at least you tried your best!)

 A full but not overstuffed suitcase helps keep clothes crease-free. Before you pack, decide how much you need and select a suitcase or carry-on accordingly.

 If your traveling requirements call for electrical appliances, be sure to bring convenient, travel size units that are both lightweight and compact

 Pack a collapsible or expandable bag to carry items you purchase on the return leg of your trip (for souvenirs.)

 When packing a hard-sided suitcase, begin by putting all the heavy items like shoes and toiletry kits on the bottom, near the hinges. Then place clothes that won't crease (such as sweaters, socks, T-shirts) around the heavier items to prevent them from sliding around and creasing other† clothes.

 Try to pack clothes with fabrics that require little care (wrinkle-free, cotton-knit etc). Also try to visualize what clothes you will need on a particular trip (with regard to climate, events you will attend etc.)

 Distributing the weight in a suitcase evenly makes the case easier to carry

 Wrap toiletries and the like in plastic in the event that items may break or leak and use plastic containers.

 Make sure to pack a small pouch with commonly needed incidentals such as aspirin, bandages and a small sewing kit. Small sample sizes are available at most drug stores.

 Place your shoes in plastic bags to prevent them from soiling other clothes

 Before you pack shirts, trousers, dresses or other items that might crease, make sure to:

 Close all buttons and zips

 Fold each item along its natural creases

 Any creases on your clothes can be removed by hanging them in a bathroom filled with steam

 Include a few plastic bags for dirty or damp clothes

 Make sure the last items you pack are the first things you need when you arrive at your destination




Have you ever arrived at your destination realizing you forgot something at home?† Click the link below to print out a checklist to use next time you travel.† You will avoid that strange uneasy feeling of having left something at home.

†††††††††† Vacation Packing Checklist provided as courtesy by Atlas Adventure Trips




A holiday abroad requires a lot of planning, without which you might find yourself in uncomfortable situations that may ruin your entire trip. When traveling abroad, here are a few things you need to know about:




Travelling abroad requires you to carry a valid passport.† An Atlas Adventure Trips specialist will advise you in advanced if the country you are visiting requires a visa.† Obtaining these documents takes time, so plan accordingly.




Contact an Atlas Adventure Trips Specialist for the latest on currency exchange rates and credit card policies abroad.




Discuss any health-related questions with an Atlas Adventure Trip Specialist before traveling.




Contact an Atlas Adventure Trip Specialist about car rental or other transportation options.